All of these conspiracies are true to my knowlege. The Government however, might disclaim them if confronted.

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Welcome to the Government Conspiracy Page

This is to my devotion, Government Conspiracies. On this site you will be able to learn all about different Government Conspiracies. Some of these you will have never herd of but others will be quite familiar. Each page will have my own thesis on the conspiracy along with related links to other pages that deal with the conspiracy alone.

Project Cydonia--This conspiracy has to do with people living on Mars. Sounds pretty far fetched but just look at the evidence.

Nicola Tesla--This conspiracy has to do with a scientist named Tesla that some how disapeared when he discovered the power of the "Tesla" coil.

The Illuminati--My personal favorite!! This is said to still be around today but the Government denises its existence. Some people think that this group will take over the world.

Pine Gap--This is a place that DOES exist, and its in Australia. Some people say that this is where the Illuminati's base is.

Area 51--Most of you have herd about this conspiracy. This is still a favorite.

Conspiracies(in general)--This site has a few links to pages with info on just generic conspiracies e.g. Kennedy, etc.

Government Sites--Page with links to differnt parts of the governt. Some of these are really cool!!

Tell us what your favorite conspiracy is so that we can add more to that site:

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Project Cydonia--11